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SHARPER Organizing

Will Help You Get It Done


Have you always wanted to get organized, but didn't have the time, tools, engery, or skill? As a Clear & SIMPLE Certified Professional Organizer with over 11 years of experience, Donna Harper uses systems that can help you GET organized, but more importantly, STAY organized.


My mission is to eliminate the chaos of clutter, the stress of stuff, and the overwhelming wave of frustration that comes from disorganization.


I have a passion for helping people who want clarity in their life. Organizing is just the spark to do that.

"Donna made our move in a wonderful experience! She worked very hard and saved me a ton of work! She knew just what to do and how to organize everything. I could not have done this without her."

• Julie Aguirre Draper, Ut.

"I have always struggled with being organized. It finally got so bad that I contacted Donna Harper to come and help me with my paper woes! I have stacks of paper every where with no rhyme or reason and it makes me crazy! I was scared at first to have someone come to my home and see my incapabilities but I cannot tell you how comfortable she made me feel. She was fun, and kind and made me laugh. There was no pressure and she was quick to let me know that I was in control.  Now that I've had Donna come into my home to teach me a paper filing system I have felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I can tell you the system works. I use it and now my paper has a home. I am so grateful for Donna. I can't wait to have her back to start on my cupboards.

• Colleen Mitchell, Salt Lake City, UT

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I just had to thank you again for speaking at our women's group last night. I thought the night was FABULOUS! You are absolutely adorable and full of GREAT ideas on how to organize. I could have listened to you for a few more hours, easily. I feel so lucky to have found you.

Sherrie Breinholt Salt Lake, Ut

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